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The Remake Revulsion

HD Remakes are all the rage. Although it started innocently enough with the idea of reviving and preserving some classics of the gaming industry, the monster has grown exponentially in recent years to encompass games that perhaps don’t deserve to be revived (Turok and Splatterhouse), or game franchises which have hit an evolutionary dead end […]

Why I Left World of Warcraft

Has it been six years already? Let’s get something clear first. I am in no way saying World of Warcraft is bad – but, recently, the world of Azeroth has changed. The game has shifted the goalposts, and I found myself unable to change with it. It’s still an expansive world to explore and enjoy. […]

The 3DS and Vita – Troubled Waters

(This post was published on my old blog on Saturday 30th July, but it still holds relevance so I’m putting it here to start fleshing this new site out.) It’s the first loss Nintendo have posted in nearly 150 years of operation, but it’s official. The 3DS hasn’t performed to the high expectations that Nintendo […]

The Fall of Social Interaction

(Note; This was posted on Wednesday 17th August on my old blog. Just reposting here to get some content going.) Gamescom isn’t even in full swing yet and I have a lovely juicy opinion to pounce on! What joy! Mark Cerny is the culprit, who has worked with Sony on Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, […]


Kami here, and woo! It’s a proper blog. No more being at the mercy of critics, spammers and general unscrupulous tactics. I’m currently getting things installed and tweaked, but will start bring over my archives within the next 24-48 hours. Direct Lender Payday Loans Uk And it’s a place I can call home. Now, I […]

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