Archive for August 20th, 2011

Nu-Ads, Kick it in the Go-Nads.

I consider myself very liberal when it comes to advertising. Be it product placement or in-game billboard ads, I think advertising revenues are largely an intelligent and ultimately harmless way of developers and publishers alike offsetting some of the financial burden that comes from making a game. Coca-Cola pays a couple million for an ad […]

Faking It – The Indie Scene

Independent developers are having to deal with what can only be described as a complete bastardization of the concept. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am in no way saying that I think developers shouldn’t be embracing the concept of small, innovative downloadable games. However, in the last few years with the explosion of the […]

Why Does Europe “Hate” Nintendo?

Sometimes, I find Europe to be a very strange place – none moreso than in our gaming tastes. Nintendo is the oldest company still producing gaming hardware for the consumer market, however let’s say that as a result Nintendo have a long and indeed, troubled history with Europe and the UK in particular. Old wounds […]

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