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Bedlam Studios Closes

Quick report that They of D&D Daggerdale are no more. I often feel really bad when a studio is forced to close its doors. But the issue here is, I paid for Daggerdale. It was broken. Buggy. Unforgivably bad. A hopeless, awful, hideous mess of a game. And they couldn’t be bothered to fix it. […]

Lollipop Chainsaw

Every teen slasher needs a cheerleader in there somewhere – she can take on many forms, from the antagonist to the victim and even in some cases, she takes the lead role. Be it vampires making terrible jokes about sucking, serial killers with a penchant for irony or zombies in indie clothing and punk hairdos, […]

Let’s Get Physical (Copies)?

Original Story – Eurogamer¬† Everyone seems to have a very different opinion on the future of physical media. There’s obviously quite a lot of good reasoning behind the confusion – as sales of games in most retailers have been in a slow decline this year, the sale of digital copies of games from the likes […]

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