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Have Atari lost D&D Rights?

After five years of no D&D Games, Atari licencing out Daggerdale – and then closing the studio responsible – was clearly a bit of a shock. A shock too, it seems, that rumour is rife that¬†Wizards of the Coast, the owners of the IP, have recently rescinded on the agreement with Atari to use the […]

Earthquake – Quick all! To Twitter!

One other short little thought. I understand there was a nice big earthquake over in America. That’s great.¬†But can you people please get to shelter BEFORE you Twitter about it? I mean, I know Twitter is addictive and all. But seeing photos of people more interested in tweeting on their phones than in any hurry […]

Fighting Games = Spectator Sports

Street Fighter III: Third Strike makes an awful lot of sense in the right hands. When I say “right hands”, I of course mean Hands Like These, who in a professional bout in 2004 was about to lose before pulling out the games controversial Parry System. Something that requires almost pinpoint timing, he proceeded to […]

Kanye to Close COD-Xp

From Kotaku I’ve got nothing to say about this really. I’m doubled over laughing. Really can’t express myself over this one.

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