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Playing the GAME – Thoughts

It is perhaps perplexing that today’s amazing PR fail was provoked not by a publisher, or by Steam or other retail outlets. It wasn’t provoked by Trading Standards, and it wasn’t instigated by any deep, meaningful investigative journalism. All it took was one disgruntled Steam user, questioning why he can’t pre-order certain games on Steam. […]

Game Group Fails at PR.

The Game Group (they of GAME, Gamestation and Gameplay) have responded to the allegations that they are employing anti-competitive practices by many users of digital services like Steam and D2D. But they may wish they hadn’t. “We have had no such conversations with any publisher and have been in contact with various publishers who can […]

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple Boss

via Eurogamer I must admit, I am not an Apple fan. I’ve often wondered exactly why they get away with charging so much for technology that is, in reality, rather inferior to the rest of the market – regardless of how pretty it is. That said, Steve Jobs is a genius. He’s really pushed his […]

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