October 25, 2021

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple Boss

via Eurogamer

I must admit, I am not an Apple fan. I’ve often wondered exactly why they get away with charging so much for technology that is, in reality, rather inferior to the rest of the market – regardless of how pretty it is.

That said, Steve Jobs is a genius. He’s really pushed his company, and he obviously loves his job. So that he is giving it up – presumably over health reasons (the man has looked deeply unwell for well over a year, and this news will do nothing to stem the rumours he is probably terminally ill) – is a sad day for him, and for techies the world over.

And let us face some facts here – Jobs helped turn Apple from a company facing almost certain doom in the mid to late 90s to one of the most profitable companies in the world, with a recognisable variety of brands. Regardless of what anyone thinks of their business practices, that is impressive.

So long Mr Jobs. Enjoy whatever time you have left, good sir, with your family and friends.

You have, contrary to what most haters will say, earned it.


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