Gal Gun set to hit the PS3

When Microsoft decided not to allow Gal Gun a release, I thought; how bad can a game be to have Microsoft deny it a release in Japan, the home territory of anime gaming?

As it turns out, Gal Gun isn’t serious at all. It’s perverted, creepy and completely disturbing, requiring you fire pheromones at Japanese schoolgirls to make them fall in love with you. You also get points for headshots and… err… pantyshots.

Oh, and it also overdoes on the whole tentacle thing as well.

I probably, like Microsoft, should be terribly distressed by this game. It’s overtly sexual, devious in the extreme and there’s likely no actual game-game in there either.

But it’s Japan. And this is what they do. And after so many years and a decade of exposure to Hentai and Yaoi (don’t ask, my sister adores it) I find this almost quaint!

And being a PS3 release, it’ll be region free.

Anyone out there brave enough to pre-order under their real name and address? XD

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