January 26, 2022

New Project Zero? Yes Please!

And thank you. Famitsu (the legendary Japanese games magazine) confirmed that a Project Zero title was definitely in the works for the 3DS, and would make heavy use of the Augmented Reality feature. Whilst that sounds like a bit of a gimmick, Project Zero has been about taking photos to exorcise unruly ghosts, so some real-world influences may actually do it some good.

This adds to the glorious news that Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly is getting an HD remake, and likely to see various platforms. Seeing as Crimson Butterfly is easily one of the best horror games ever made – and ranks in my top 5 best games ever list – this is extremely welcome.

For those not in the know, Project Zero (also known as Fatal Frame) is a game where a character finds a Camera Obscura, a legendary Poloroid-y thing that sees ghosts, and exorcises them when you take their picture. But it is the fabulous, heartbreaking story in Crimson Butterfly that elevates it from good Horror game to one of the finest things ever created.

Now… please buy them!


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