Archive for September 1st, 2011

3DS Ambassador Games – Roundup

I’ve had a really rushed day, but I did at least manage to sneak a half hour to download the latest 3DS Ambassador games – 10 NES ports. And I’ve played them all a bit. Here are my verdicts; Super Mario Bros. – A timeless classic, and definitely a worthy freebie. But Yoshi’s Island will […]

Deus Ex – Human Revolution (Mini Review)

Well, time to give a verdict on Deus Ex: Human Revolution then. My Jensen is a stealth operative. As I sneak about, with a cloak for quick bursts across open ground and the ability to twist foes to my will with pheromones, he is the epitome of understated cool. Killing is not a necessity – it […]

3D – An Obituary

Well, if the US and UK box office is telling us anything, is that the current fad for 3D Movies is drawing to a close. More people are choosing to watch their movies in boring old widescreen 2D than stick on a pair of ridiculously clunky glasses and give their optical nerves a good old […]

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