June 29, 2022

3DS Ambassador Games – Roundup

I’ve had a really rushed day, but I did at least manage to sneak a half hour to download the latest 3DS Ambassador games – 10 NES ports. And I’ve played them all a bit. Here are my verdicts;

Super Mario Bros. – A timeless classic, and definitely a worthy freebie. But Yoshi’s Island will be better when we get it. 8/10

Donkey Kong Jr. – Another classic, but there is better on the 3DS Store. So really this is lip service. 5/10

Balloon Fight – Oops. 3/10

Ice Climbers – It’s a classic. But did we really need this? I mean, REALLY need it? Not convinced. 5/10

The Legend of Zelda – Still an absolute classic. Shows its age though, and better Zelda is available on the 3DS Store. But as a freebie… 8/10

Wrecking Crew – Hmm. Needs more play. 4/10 for the moment.

NES Open Tournament Golf – Why? WHYYYYYYYY?! 1/10

Mario & Yoshi – Classic little puzzler, deceptively simple and fiendishly difficult at the same time. But the music sucks balls, so mute – 8/10

Zelda II – The Adventure of Link – A little bit of an oddity, but it’s actually really not that bad, although it’s aged terribly. 7/10

Metroid – The strongest game in the whole bundle. That said though, if we do get Metroid Fusion in the GBA bundle, this is moot. However – 9/10. Still absolute gold.

So the freebies are a mixed bag, and yes I should be greatful. But tomorrow, I’m going to make a post about the games I would have preferred from the NES era – and why Nintendo should be listening even harder…


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