October 25, 2021

The games Nintendo Ambassadors SHOULD have gotten!

Well, after much deliberation, I decided on the following 5 games to replace some of the poor choices Nintendo offered. These are NES games. And damn fine they are too!

Without further ado…

5 – Duck Tales!
Even though they’re planning to ruin my memories of this classic cartoon series with a modern remake version, the NES game is simply one of the most memorable. If only for THAT music. The Moon Stage. YouTube it – there are dozens of remixes and very few of them sound bad.

But the music wasn’t the only thing about it – it was fun and a challenge, despite being aimed primarily at children. This was an era when kids were told to like it and lump it, and we cursed a little. But we did like it. We liked it a lot! Duck Tales! A-woo-woo!

4 – Duck Hunt
This was absolutely destined to be in this list, and with the 3DS I suppose a Duck Hunt may be in the works. If they would just spend a little time modifying these games rather than just the direct ports, it would be amazing to play this with touch-screen support. No idea why they don’t, to be honest.

I guess the dog may still give us nightmares – but I’m sure there’s some creative sort who’ll let us shoot the dog working in Nintendo HQ. Go on. You know we’ll love you for it!

3 – Kid Icarus
With the new 3DS version due for early next year, why not give us a taster of the game that started it all? This is still a FABULOUS game. And would have been equal to Metroid in every single regard. I suspect this is coming to the store at some stage – but it’d have been nice to get it as an ambassador!

It’s a slick, polished and very assured game with a great amount of charm and depth. It’s not always forgiving, but again… this is of an era. We liked it like that. And some of us from that era still do.

2 – Crystalis
A Zelda-style game, but dare I say it, this may actually have been the best attempt at it. The story is, dare I say it, familiar to us today as it was eventually cloned and morphed into what we now call the Fallout series.

But it’s a lovely game. And I can’t see why the likes of SNK (Now owned by Capcom I believe, who actually get along with Nintendo) would be that set against it. Classics like this should be re-released. Absolutely.

1 – Maniac Mansion
For me, this is just gold. And whilst the visuals have aged somewhat, and LucasArts have gone down the toilet in many regards, Maniac Mansion for me is an absolute masterpiece.

It isn’t just that it’s funny – it is that it took dramatic risks with it. Some of the humour is puerile, some of it is childish and some of it is just downright gruesome. And yet, it all works. It’s a lovely, lovely game with just the right pace and measure.

It was made by LucasArts, which means we may never see it on the 3DS, but that would be such a travesty. I don’t want them to tamper with it. The HD remake recently on PC just lost that edge for me – something the NES version just had in spades. The rough, B-Movie stylings are the high point.

Just such a pity. There are loads of great NES games out there too – most of which I decided to leave off as we’re likely to never see them. But Maniac Mansion for me is different because it DESERVES to be enjoyed by a new audience.

Come on LucasArts. Stop giving Star Wars a handjob and get some of your indisputable classics back out there. We’ll all be thankful for it.


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