November 29, 2021

5 Games To Look Forward To (and 5 I’m Dreading)

So with the best (and worst) so far this year covered, I’m looking over the releases for the Fall season – which is September through to December, and arguably the busiest time for gaming really, with the Christmas rush going on.

There are several games I’m looking forward to – and several I am not. So here’s two more top 5 lists – 5 Games I’m really excited about and think you should be too… and five that I wish would just go away.


5. Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS) – Mario Kart has rarely put a foot wrong, only once dropping the ball with Double Dash on the Gamecube (and even then, that wasn’t a bad game either). With new and remastered tracks, as well as sections taking place in the air and underwater to compromise speed and handling in tricky bends, this will be excellent I am sure of it – and will play superbly online, with any luck.

4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC/360/PS3) – Despite the carnage going on behind the scenes over THAT exclusivity attempt with GAME, Skyrim looks absolute quality. Oblivion was fantastic, but flawed – and flawed deeply. Skyrim looks to be polishing that same formula to a mirror shine, and finally – dual wielding, so us roguey types can FINALLY fit in this world! Woo!

3. Diablo 3 (PC) – Taking out Blizzard’s recent embarrassing admission that World of Warcraft subs were at rock bottom, their fortunes should sharply shift when Diablo 3 is released in November. It’s been hotly anticipated for years, people want it – and want it badly (my friend Ewoud is so desperate he probably would do very illegal things to get in on the beta). And I’m pretty sure Blizzard won’t let anyone down – at least, not on this one.

2. Dark Souls (PS3) – The sequel to Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls promises more of the same, but harder and more rewarding. The success of this series took everyone by surprise – it was a bit like crossing Diablo with Monster Hunter, but whoever thought that crossover would work needs a raise, a significant raise! With more of everything, this should be a solid and great addition to the PS3’s lineup this year.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) – This is hardly a surprise. A new Zelda game isn’t so much an anticipated release as cause for international celebrations – it’s THAT big a deal. And whilst we have a few years to wait for the WiiU Zelda HD game, this one looks slick and polished – balancing the innocent charm of Wind Waker and the dark, gritty sense of Twilight Princess. Believe me – this will have to be spectacularly bad to fall out of the top 10 of the year.


5. Gears of War 3 (360) – I make no secret of this. I don’t get the appeal of this flagrant slice of American self-pleasuring. The last two games have been badly voice acted, suffered balance and difficulty issues and are, in effect, very linear corridor shooters at heart. There are many things I would rather do this year than play GOW3, like waiting for Russel Brand to walk off stage after a five-hour gig and lick his sweaty armpits clean…

4. Spiderman: Edge of Time (PS3/Wii/PC/360/3DS etc) – The question is how anyone can be looking forward to ANOTHER attempt at a Spiderman game! I’m sorry to break the news to people, but with a couple of exceptions Spiderman games have been universally panned and ridiculed, even the awesome Spiderman Noir couldn’t save the last attempt. With that said, however, more Spiderman Noir please.

3. Sonic Generations (Every platform under the sun it seems) – SEGA, please, stop. Stop it. Just stop it now. No more Sonic for five years. Let it go. Give it a rest. Stop subjecting us to this stuff, the fact that every critic, gamer and sane person in the world has been slating these games for years should be a clue by now. Not even 2D sections tug my chain – because the 3D stuff is still in there, and that doesn’t seem to concern them. Give it up. Retire Sonic gracefully.

2. Halo Anniversary: Combat Evolved Edition (360) – I don’t deny Halo it’s rightful place in the pantheon of gaming successes, but truth is – the original was of an era. Ten years have apparently passed since then – and they’re going to do a modern remake of this game. Oh dear. Halo fans are over the moon – but rather like the remake of Tomb Raider, sometimes you lose that magic in a remake. Let us hope this is a pleasant surprise – although I doubt it.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Every platform conceivable) – Words cannot express how much I want to avoid this game. Let’s say I would go to Australia to avoid a meeting with my aunties and uncles. To avoid this, I would go a lot further… no, further…. further still… let’s leave our solar system… further… further… edge of our galaxy seems far enough. It MIGHT, on an offchance, be a good game. Stranger things have happened… oh okay then, they haven’t.


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