July 2, 2022

Nintendo TGS – Coming Up Roses?

Nintendo is putting a lot of effort into their TGS keynote address next week. Some of their announcements are already doing the rounds, and are actually real coups for Nintendo.

New Yoshi side-scroller. Considering the level of love and demand for Yoshi’s Island on the 3DS Virtual Console store, this is a great idea. In development by GoodFeel, who did Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Very nice.

New game from the developer of WarioWare – most have just assumed this is a new WarioWare title. And that would be no bad thing.

Hatsune Miku 3DS. If you like that sort of thing.

eShop demo announcement, with a Super Mario 3D Land demo officially confirmed for those who wish to try before they buy.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords release date announcement – which we all desperately want very much.

This is all pretty good stuff, but the next two are what Nintendo would call “The Money Shots”, and with good reason;

1) Dragon Quest X confirmed to be an MMO and a Nintendo exclusive. Now, admittedly Square-Enix don’t have a good track record on MMOs of late, but that said – it’s Dragon Quest X, and it’s an exclusive to Nintendo, so all things told that’s a serious bonus.

2) The main one – Monster Hunter 3DS. Japan – and a lot of the world – go spare for Monster Hunter, this is perhaps the biggest deal of all, and that Nintendo’s little “underpowered” handheld is getting a fully-online entry into this cracking series is a kick in the balls.

Couple this with the Vita being slightly delayed and… well. Last month, Nintendo were doomed. This month, it’s like someone has bestowed upon them a miracle. So sorry Sony fanboys, seems that cat still has a couple more lives left in it.

Personally – I’d much rather have that new Baten Kaitos officially confirmed. Then I will say Nintendo have my full support for the next year or so… but hey, one can dream…


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