November 29, 2021

Not Gaming – The Dr. Murray Trial

A quick non-gaming blog post.

I think there’s a lot of anger from a lot of Michael Jackson fans over his death – all warranted, I’ll agree. That said, I would not dispute the events that Dr. Conrad Murray laid out as the lead-up and probably cause to the death of Michael Jackson.

HOWEVER, let us all get this clear. Dr. Murray could have – should have – stopped this before it got this far. Could have told Michael Jackson to relax and take some gentle exercises, or take rests – heck, at thirty I’ve been told doing the gym every day is a risk to my health, and that I need the whole of the next day for my body to recover. That’s getting two hours of cardio exercise twice/three times a week.

At fifty? Michael was really pushing his body to breaking point. Any good doctor would have stepped in and stopped it.

And the last point that even Dr. Murray won’t dispute is he left the room that Michael Jackson was in, with an excessively large amount of propofol (whose use outside hospital/surgical environments is borderline illegal). A very powerful anesthetic that requires precise, measured doses and one that Michael Jackson seemed to have become dependent on to sleep. I don’t think anyone can deny that was never going to end well. And as an insomniac myself, I can’t imagine how bad it must have been for Dr. Murray to think that Propofol was an acceptable treatment.

I don’t dispute Dr. Murray’s course of events – in fact, I think they are completely rational. But even when you take that into consideration, the man is guilty of gross medical negligence at the very best and should never be allowed to practice medicine again.

And that is purely based on his own defense – he knew this was going to cost him his career, that’s why he never mentioned it at the start. Which is amusing as well as terrifying when you consider this trial already feels more like a witch hunt than anything else.

Still, Dr. Murray couldn’t say no. And clearly, if you take into consideration an MMO based on the adventures and music of Michael Jackson via Moonwalker is currently in the works, neither can those looking after his estate.

There are no winners here. Only greed.

And it robbed us of a musical icon.


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