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Have Square-Enix RPGs lost it?

At a Tokyo press conference today reported by Sponichi (translated by Andriasang, original source) , Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada said of FF14: “The Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged.” However, I suspect that is simplifying the issue. Final Fantasy 14 isn’t the worst MMO on the market (that dubious honour still and will always go to […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica HD isn’t HD.

ARGH! Deja Vu! I can’t begin to tell you the frustration that I have as a lover of the Resident Evil franchise right now. Resident Evil 5 was bad enough; a game that lost that wry, delicate sense of camp humour that just lifted the scares and kept it being too heavy and dark. It […]

Coming soon? Apple call iPhone event.

It was always going to be with some trepidation that Apple call an event for the iPhone, especially without Steve Jobs there to whip up the faithful with almost lethal doses of helioproctosis. That said, with a simple “Let’s Talk iPhone” invitation, and cancelling holidays for the first two weeks of October, something is definitely up in […]

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