July 2, 2022

Coming soon? Apple call iPhone event.

It was always going to be with some trepidation that Apple call an event for the iPhone, especially without Steve Jobs there to whip up the faithful with almost lethal doses of helioproctosis.

That said, with a simple “Let’s Talk iPhone” invitation, and cancelling holidays for the first two weeks of October, something is definitely up in the halls of Apple.

Is this the iPhone 5? Or are they planning some new operating system? New partnerships?

All we know is everyone is kind of on edge, and I suspect this is wholly down to the reality that Steve Jobs will not be delivering the main speech. It will be one of the first main tests of Tim Cook, their new COO.

And with Amazon launching a Colour Kindle, and the ongoing battle with Samsung over patent infringements, it will be interesting to see what happens come October 4th.


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