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Pandas in the Mist – Mists of Pandaria thoughts. (SPOILERS!)

Okay, brain hurting much less today, although here’s a tip for any aspiring fitness fanatics – careful when doing weights. My lower back is killing me. Anyway, to business. Mists of Pandaria – the upcoming WoW expansion. And I noticed some good, some bad and some downright ugly lines coming from Blizzcon. To the good […]

Blizzcon 2011 – Quick Post

I have had a really bad few days, so this will be keynotes until I’m better; * New expansion – Mists of Pandaria. This is my surprised face. Seriously, we knew this from the trademark thing months ago. Blizzard used to be leak free, these days they’re as watertight as a colander. * Blizzard DOTA […]

Unfinished Sympathy?

Unfinished games are becoming an alarming occurance in the industry today. It was having a few days in Final Fantasy XIV that made me realise that games often do take time to come good nowadays, and that you can’t always judge a game – or an MMO – solely on its past, or sometimes even […]

WoW… just… wow.

Note; the original article for this post was deleted. Please, ladies and gentlemen who read this, NEVER DO A BLOG POST AT THREE IN THE MORNING! Your brain isn’t capable of processing at that time, and everything reads like a mess. So, it’s for real. Blizzard are selling vanity pets that buyers can re-sell in […]

Silent Hill Downpour – Rain Stops Play until 2012.

Us horror fans will have to wait for the promising new Silent Hill: Downpour, as it has been delayed into the first quarter of 2012 (January – March) for the US and quarter two (April – June) for Europe. This is mixed news – it’s the most promising title in the franchise for some time, […]

The Big Bang of Controversy

I am a great believer that, like our universe, we must continue to keep expanding our minds and opening them to the possibility of making previously rather offensive material not really that offensive. There was a time when it was offensive to use the word “Gay”, now it is wheeled about with ‘gay’ abandon. The […]

Resident Evil – The Dead End Fiasco.

It’s taken me a little time to get to this point, being a fan of the Resident Evil series. I love it’s camp humour. I love the fact it’s not subtle, it is a little predictable and taken out of context, there are a million and one filthy jokes hidden within the franchise. I also […]

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011. Rest In Peace.

We’ve been expecting it, but today Apple confirmed the news we had hoped wouldn’t be confirmed – Steve Jobs has passed away through complications due to his eight-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Whilst I know many of us aren’t exactly Apple fans, Steve Jobs was still an inspiring genius, an inventor who understood how to […]

The iPhone Event – October 2011

So, it’s all over. The iPhone event has been and gone, and I’ve just orbited enough to not be pulled into the distortion field that surrounds Apple. It wasn’t exactly the best presentation, but that said, Steve Jobs wasn’t there. More’s the pity. Does nothing to quell those rumours. Nothing in it was a surprise. […]

PR Fail – The Complex Brutality of a PR Fail.

So, it’s not an official PR Fail by Activision. Or is it? This is the question that even Activision themselves dodged this evening, as they responded in a typical cookie-cutter response; “Activision’s official source of news for our Marvel games is or Anything posted elsewhere should not be taken as representative of Activision unless confirmed by […]

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