Archive for October 3rd, 2011

PR Fail – The Complex Brutality of a PR Fail.

So, it’s not an official PR Fail by Activision. Or is it? This is the question that even Activision themselves dodged this evening, as they responded in a typical cookie-cutter response; “Activision’s official source of news for our Marvel games is or Anything posted elsewhere should not be taken as representative of Activision unless confirmed by […]

Not Gaming – Just a Share…

So Amanda Knox has been found not guilty at her appeal/retrial. That shocks absolutely no-one. Or at least, I hope it doesn’t. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Meredith Kercher’s family and friends, and I hope they take some comfort that her killer is at least still behind bars. That said, Spiked has a […]

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