July 2, 2022

The iPhone Event – October 2011

So, it’s all over. The iPhone event has been and gone, and I’ve just orbited enough to not be pulled into the distortion field that surrounds Apple. It wasn’t exactly the best presentation, but that said, Steve Jobs wasn’t there. More’s the pity. Does nothing to quell those rumours.

Nothing in it was a surprise. New iPhone? 4G-S. Done. New firmware? iOS 5. Done. Marketing up the wazoo? Done. Ultimately pointless distractions in terms of apps? Done.

I get why people are thrilled at the idea of voice-recognition, but I still maintain that our species has evolved to enjoy a tactile interface. This is why the DS and 3DS make very little use of the microphone, and why we don’t use voice to text software on our computers. We LIKE to touch. We LIKE to feel. It’ll be another very nice thing, but ultimately a novelty that most will abandon after a few months of effort. “Constitution Hall.” Did you cay, Congressional Balls? “No, Constitution Haaaaaaaaaaallllll…” Did you say Sock Tucker? “GAH!”. Full credit to Robin Williams for that one. *kneels* I am not worthy!

The biggest and probably best market news is that the 3GS model is now free on contract, the iPhone 4 will drop to $99.99 on contract whilst the newer models take the $200, $300 and $400 points whilst on a two-year contract. Which sounds amazing – but then, I have a sim-free Galaxy S-II in white and that cost closer to the $250 mark.

But still, the market didn’t like the announcements and shares dropped a few percent. And this is not because the conference was BAD. Oh no. It wasn’t. I think it’s simply because Tim Cook doesn’t quite have the same charisma as Jobs did.

Think of it in RPG terms – Steve Jobs piled all his stat points into Charisma – this made him capable of charming the coo out of a songbird, and his statdump was intelligence. Tim Cook is very sharp and intelligent – his main stat is Intelligence. But he’s not really invested in charisma. He looked a little uncomfortable, unconvincing, and when you’re taking over from a renegade charmer, that’s just asking for trouble.

That said, it’s my opinion. There was some good, some bad and some very awful in the conference. Just as it always is with any Apple conference. It’s also quite charming to still HAVE conferences in this day and age. But I felt Apple were playing it safe for the moment, when Android is known to have a lot more going for it right now I think a little more aggression was in order.

That’s just personal taste. It was good. But – and I never thought I’d live to see the day these words escaped my lips – I miss Steve Jobs.

Why do I suddenly feel so dirty?!


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