October 25, 2021

Blizzcon 2011 – Quick Post

I have had a really bad few days, so this will be keynotes until I’m better;

* New expansion – Mists of Pandaria. This is my surprised face. Seriously, we knew this from the trademark thing months ago. Blizzard used to be leak free, these days they’re as watertight as a colander.

* Blizzard DOTA comes in Free and Premium flavours.

* Lots more pictures and talk of Diablo 3; but still no release date.

* 12-Month WoW Subs plan that will guarantee access to the Mists of Pandaria beta. Ooooooo… kay… oh, also comes with free Diablo 3 digital version and a snazzy mount.

* Lots of other changes to WoW. Heart of the Swarm for Starcraft 2.

* Q&A sessions that made me wish I could psychically make someones head explode.

So far, so predictable. And that’s the problem this Blizzcon – it’s PREDICTABLE. Unless there’s something planned, it’ll have been another “safe” year for Blizzard, no balls and certainly nothing to shout about.

Even the Q&A questions feel unbelievably staged now to avoid surprises.

I get why they feel they have to play it safe, but time waits for no man and it seems that in the midst of all that success that Blizzard now play the diva, and diva gets what diva wants. And throws a tantrum if diva doesn’t get what it is asking for.

We don’t WANT safe. We want excitement…

Which is why Mists of Pandaria feels like an initial letdown. I mean… you can’t play it any safer than the Pandarian, really…

Ugh. Brain hurty. Time to get some sleep.


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