January 23, 2022

KOG Quickie – Skyrim (PC Version).

Hurgle burble brain hurty no sleep ow.

*slaps self*

Better. Now, Skyrim. Let’s get this perfectly clear – it’s not a PERFECT game right now. But give it a couple of weeks for the modding tools to go live, and the playerbase (and me) to start fixing some of the silly design choices, atrociously sensitive menus, grotesquely dumb talent trees and awful hairstyles and it will be perfect.

Of course, this is Bethesda. They know all of the above are their weakest links, and they’ve stopped trying. The wonderful thing about the PC Version is that the community will largely fix everything. We can fix it, we have the technology!

So, it’s got issues. But as a simple story, as a technical showcase, as an adventure – all of these things Skyrim excels at. It’s an experience, one that the community will no doubt spend the coming weeks, months and years expanding almost indefinitely into a world teeming with life.

It will take time for Skyrim to mature, but like Oblivion – the framework is there, the tools are coming and soon, oh so soon, we can fix the little niggles and then, by golly, Skyrim will be perfect.

It’s a shame Bethesda stopped trying on some fronts. But that said, at least there are no major game-breaking bugs so far. That’s at least progress we can celebrate…


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