June 29, 2022

The “When Did I Buy That?” Complex.

Just a quickie tonight.

I was going through my little cupboard where I keep my games and most of them I’ve played and either completed or thought, “I’d rather watch Twilight than suffer another minute of that garbage!”.

But sometimes, it seems, I come across a game that is unopened.

And this was true today, when I realised I had Wanted: Weapons of Fate. I actually quite liked the movie – it’s not especially deep, but it’s a decent enough actiony sort of movie. So, I must have somewhere along the line picked the game up and… well. Put it aside, never to resurface.

With so many games on the go right now, and more to come, I’m becoming rather concerned that this practice may become habitual. I do actually WANT to play it – from what I’ve read, Weapons of Fate is a short but otherwise pleasing little romp. But… time… I don’t have enough of it!

Anyone else out there found a game recently that they’ve bought and just never played? I’m hoping I’m not the only one who seems to have forgotten buying a game…


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