January 23, 2022

This Weekend… The Old Republic stress test.

So yes, like so many of you, I got access to the TOR Beta Stress Test.

I need time to digest it all, but my first and most gut feeling is of slight disappointment. It’s not that The Old Republic is inherently bad; just that my instincts were flaring up warning signs that it wasn’t that different from many other MMOs I’ve played the last year and a bit.

It’s only an initial reaction and maybe this is a natural thing considering I’ve felt so disappointed by the glut of MMOs being released this year, like my brain saying “No, don’t. Don’t get excited. Don’t get attached. Don’t even engage that part of your brain that has fun I SAID DO NOT ACTIVATE THE FUN SWITCH!” Considering I do like MMOs, I like the social aspect, maybe this is something I need to work on.

There’s a lot of technical issues, and the character creation system sucks so much that I couldn’t for the life of me create a character I felt represented me, the way I wanted to be represented. But it’s not bad – I mean, if what you want is a Star Wars MMO, then The Old Republic is kind of it.

I just have this niggling thought in the back of my head right now saying that it may not really be enough… but we’ll see.


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