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10 Games to Look Forward To in 2012.

And to end the year for me, here’s a taste of what I, personally, am looking forward to in 2012 and why I’m looking forward to it. * Pikmin 3 (Wii-U) The Wii-U could have its own position but until such a time more technical details are available, I’ll settle on the games. And to […]

The Kamis 2011 – Best Games of the Year

And with the crap now out of the way and settled, it’s time for positivity. Let me take you on a wonderful journey into the sublime, the beautiful, the talented, the brilliant. These are my top 10 best games of 2011. I wish I could include games like Catherine, but they’re not out here yet. […]

The Kamis – 10 Worst Games of 2011

Before I get to the best games of 2011 tomorrow, it’s time to put on your rubber gloves and surgical smock and prepare to wade through the cavalcade of crap that the year threw at us. And 2011, for all its good, had more than its fair share of rubbish this year. So get ready […]

Damn I wish I’d waited on the PR Fails for a couple more days… Ocean Marketting fail.

Damn. Just when I thought GAME were the biggest PR Fail of the year, somehow in the relatively quiet void-zone between Xmas and the New Year, along comes a man like Paul Christoforo to totally blow my mind. And by the way, he really spelled it Marketting. Anyway, here’s a Kotaku Link and a Penny Arcade […]

The Kamis – The 10 Biggest Disappointments of 2011.

I thought about this, and I decided to take a few categories away because some of the worst games of the year were not inherently bad per se, but bitterly disappointing. 2011 may have been a year filled with great games, and bad games, but it was also a year filled with abject disappointment. Games that could […]

The Kami’s 2011 – The Tech Award for Technological Excellence

So, this time I want to celebrate some of the tech that has been making the rounds this year and what it means for us, as gamers and tech-heads, heading into 2012. 3. The 3DS A fitting position, some would argue. But then, others will argue the 3DS release was disappointing. The problem is, the […]

The Kamis – The Schadenfreude Award for Biggest PR Fail 2011

I love PR. I love that people who are paid obscene amounts of money to actually manage relations with the public can so often be so out of touch, so offensive, so painfully dim-witted. There is something so deliciously ironic about the whole thing that makes me tingle all over, like someone dropped an ice […]

The Kamis – 5 Best MMOs of 2011

Well, without much in the way of entry seeing as we know what is going on, let us get down to the nitty gritty – my 5 best MMOs of 2011. 5. DC Universe (PC/PS3) Whilst it did have a blip, and I’ve said some horrid things about how the game paints players as sidekicks […]

… unless you’re Anonymous.

I saw on the news about the hacked credit cards and accounts being used to donate money to charity. Whilst I am all for forcing companies and big corporate entities by law to donate at least 2.5% of their total profit to charity (considering many corporate entities don’t even give half of 1% to charity), […]

And a Merry Christmas to all!

I’d like to say Merry Christmas to all traffic passing through my humble little patch on the internet. And please remember;  cook your turkey thoroughly, eat your greens (especially sprouts!) and remember; a game isn’t just for Christmas. Unless of course someone has given you a bad one, in which case feel free to smash […]

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