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Troll of the Year goes to… Valve Employee!

For this beautiful gem! (Link to VG24/7) With no actual word on Half Life 2 Episode 3, I have to say this is the most amazing bit of trolling I have seen in some time. It’s trolling as art. I applaud you, Valve Employee. Now, why can’t I shake the image of a million hungry Half-Life fans simultaneously reaching […]

This Weekend – Mario Kart 7, new World of Warcraft patch.

This weekend, I’ll be busying myself with the new patch in World of Warcraft – Deathwing Must Die – and Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. Going back to WoW after the time I’ve had away from it is an odd and disturbing experience, but I suppose at the same time I don’t like missing […]

The Wrongs of Rights.

I’m sure most will have seen the comments made my Jeremy Clarkson. I will say he does have a right to say what he wants. I agree and as a blogger will even defend the right to free speech, regardless of its technical, historical or political accuracy and persuasion. It is a cornerstone of a […]

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