January 26, 2022

This Weekend – Mario Kart 7, new World of Warcraft patch.

This weekend, I’ll be busying myself with the new patch in World of Warcraft – Deathwing Must Die – and Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS.

Going back to WoW after the time I’ve had away from it is an odd and disturbing experience, but I suppose at the same time I don’t like missing out on at least sampling some of the delights that Blizzard offer. Say what you like about World of Warcraft, but after the rough tends to come the smooth – so odds are good the conclusion of Cataclysm will be a much nicer experience than the rest of Cataclysm.

Also vying for my attention is Mario Kart 7. Now, I love Mario Kart so this is kind of a big deal, it has to be good. Rainbow Road twice over is going to be my idea of heaven, so let’s hope Retro Studios – who were called in to help get the tracks ready for release – have done a good job on them.

Yes, MK7 should have been here today. Amazon failed.



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