October 24, 2021

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

No, I really didn’t make that up. That’s the full title.

So, Kojima Productions have handed their little hack-and-slash offshoot of the Metal Gear series to Platinum Games, they of the fabulous Bayonetta. This, ordinarily, would be a good thing – hand production of a game in a genre to those who made the best game recently in the genre.

Except, the trailer doesn’t fill me with hope.

This has nothing to do with Raiden – it’s just it looks a little clunky and slow. Bayonetta worked because it was fast, slick, polished. It was designed to be a challenge, a mind-melting blend of grace, speed and pain, like a ballet with bullets and swords. Metal Gear Rising, on the other hand, moves from target to target like in an old-style Tekken beat-em-up extra; it doesn’t have the grace or fluidity to make it look convincing in a trailer.

It also doesn’t sound particularly inspiring, and the story needs to make some sense – Raiden has kind of had three-quarters of his body replaced with cybernetic parts, after all, so there’s one thing that needs to be explained off the bat.

And when it comes to plot, Metal Gear isn’t known for the whole “making sense” thing.

But it could just be an early build, and Platinum Games have earned the benefit of the doubt. It’s quite possible that they’ve been given a build and have yet to actually make their own changes and tweaks – when they do, it’s plausible that Rising will actually be quite a refined experience.

Here’s hoping, anyway. And here’s also hoping they drop the Revengeance part of it – I like the odd portmanteau, really, but that’s just ridiculous…


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