June 29, 2022

Sex-Ed game Privates! wins a BAFTA.

For those who think Edutainment games are all a pointless waste of time should check out Privates!, made under licence from Channel 4.

Privates! is a sex education game, but it’s not your a-typical educational game. Sure, there’s a lot of teaching you about sexually-transmitted diseases and sex itself, but the reason it works is because it’s primarily a game – it’s designed to be fun, and is as tongue-in-cheek as you’d like.

And, despite being banned by Microsoft on the Live Arcade, Privates is available as a free download for the PC. And has now won a BAFTA to boot!

And this is a good thing – for a very long time, educational games are so often laboured to the point of teaching more than entertaining. Privates simply entertains, whilst making good points about STDs, sex, protection and treatment.

The humour is also a good way to teach as well – that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously and prefers to play the comical side for full effect means that so many of the teenagers who play it probably won’t realise that it is an “Edutainment” game.

So bravo to Privates! – a game that educates AND entertains, and is actually a pleasant breath of fresh air. And boo and hiss to Microsoft for not allowing this on Live – because it’s a real blast.

Tempted? It’s a free download! Get it here.

You may even learn a thing or two!


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