January 23, 2022

Christmas Day Online?

Just a quick musing tonight as I’ve been busy clearing and packing, ready to get moving when I find a new place.

It occurred to me tonight that I tend to spend the majority of Christmas Day online, which is no big surprise to be fair – my siblings are grown up and have their own families, and as much as I adore them, it’s kind of nice to not have to worry about feeding them and cleaning up after they’ve had a little bit too much in the sherry department.

The odd thing is, I think I’ve spent most of my online time with others on an MMO than I have with anyone else in recent years. And it’s generally regarded as “another day”.

This year, I’m planning to make one change – that is, to have a nice, festive day without spending it with a bunch of people not in the mood for festivities.

How many of us play online games on Christmas Day? Makes me wonder if it’s worth all the effort sometimes to get people together if a handful are too busy with their heads in the phones, laptops and consoles…

Just a thought.


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