January 23, 2022

No Spam Please, I’m British!

A heads up to spammers that I have started putting measures in place to deal with you. Seriously, that’s just annoying now.

Spam may be delicious in a sandwich on a warm summers day, but I’m tired of dodgy links and awful English. Yes, I’m actually British, so we DO still use the ‘u’ in things like Colour, Odour, Parlour etc. Even when WordPress doesn’t want me to.

*blows a big fat raspberry to the spellchecker*

My point is thus; I blog because it’s fun and I like it. But dealing with bots isn’t fun. It’s actually very very annoying. You won’t EVER get to see your links up on this blog. Ever. So stop trying. I will never approve them, and I will find ways of stopping you.

Don’t make blogging a pain in the ass for people. We pay good money for the hosting and domain name for ourselves – we pay to keep it ad-free. If all you can do is spam your awful cheesy abandonwarez site, or offer expensive financial advice, then you don’t deserve to be on the internet.

I’d pull your internet plug at the first opportunity. Make this world a nicer place.

Don’t spam.


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