September 22, 2021

This Weekend, I be mos’ly playin’… (16th December 2011)

This weekend, luck willing, Leo and Val will be dragging me into The Old Republic. I promised them I would at least stick out the first month amidst all the chaos and mania that comes with Christmas and trying to keep on top of games and news. I fully intend to honour that promise. Whether I will enjoy myself or not it another matter entirely – Leo assures me she will make sure I enjoy it. But that may be a big stretch, even for her…

Aside that, I’ll have those awesome 3DS Ambassador games to play, some more World of Warcraft to get stuck into for the moment (I do want to see out the Dragon Soul raid if for no other reason than to say I did it), and a couple of other games – Dizzy on my android phone, and Batman: Arkham City – which I STILL haven’t got around to playing for any decent length of time.

Next week I’ll begin compiling my little pointless award ceremony, The Kami’s, honouring the best – and worst – games of the year. This means I’ve also got that to be contemplating over the weekend.

Blogging is sometimes a bit of a chore. But I WILL PERSEVERE!

What could possibly go wrong… *touch wood*


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