January 23, 2022

The Old Republic Diaries; Day Four

Didn’t get quite as much time today, what with Christmas fast approaching and all, so I squeezed in about an hour or so somehow to explore Dromund Kaas, and Kaas City a little.

The first thing I noted is, despite everyone calling me “Lord”, I was often being asked to perform pretty menial tasks. Now, I understand this is an MMO and questing is par for the course, but really – just asking me to go rewire a few landing beacons does seem to be a pretty menial task. And the bonus experience option was simply to kill six beasties – two packs of the cat-like beasts which can be sliced through like a knob of butter and that was very simply done.

So, I’m still not sold on the solo questing. It tries too much to be like any other MMO, and that doesn’t really endear itself to me.

That said, after the initial disappointments in environmental design, Dromund Kaas does look a hell of a lot prettier than I expected it. The rainy weather, the subtle forest ambiance and the tree designs make it look like… well… a forest. Okay, so there’s a great big group heroic “Park” thing in the middle of the zone and it’s safer, faster and better in a short space of time to just take a taxi over it – not the brightest of design choices, but then again, I have seen worse design choices over the years, so whilst a bit daft – it’s nothing to be upset over.

Kaas City is, in contrast, very futuristic and has a great cyberpunk feel to it. It’s a bit bare of NPCs for a “busy city”, but I assume that’s for players to make up the difference with. I will explore it maybe a little later when I have some time to myself, or tomorrow.

At least the game WORLD is starting to come good at least. Dromund Kaas was a pleasant surprise, but I still feel oddly detached. I suspect this has a lot to do with two things though; playing a female avatar (something I really prefer to not do) and playing a Sith Warrior (which is much maligned in-game at the moment).

Of course, not helped by the PR line today that we’re not yet paying customers. Riiiiiight, that’s true because we’ve only spent £40 each on buying the actual game…

I do appreciate the flawed logic of PR like that, it amuses me.


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