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The Next-Gen vs The Future.

This is a response to EG’s Tom Bramwell who stated that he can’t wait for the next-gen. I for one understand the desire to move into a next-gen – not just for the improved graphical fidelity, although its a cheap argument that revolves a lot around preconceived notions of progress. There’s a fundamental train of […]

KOG Retro Quickie; Yoshi’s Island.

Oh my god it’s still so good. I said this a few days ago, but it is hitting me like a right hook from Mike Tyson just how good Yoshi’s Island really is. Even without the 3D on the 3DS, it looks so pretty, so clean and so tidy, so brilliant that it amazes me […]

KOG Quickie; World of Warcraft 4.3 Hour of Twilight.

What took you so long Blizzard? Let’s be clear on this. I think Cataclysm has brought in many changes for the worse – the guild reputation system is kind of silly and actively encourages bad social etiquette in a game largely build on its social aspect. I thought the idea of making raids and heroic dungeons more […]

The Steam Winter Sale has begun…

… and will last into January. Take a look at what is on offer. Some of it isn’t half bad – Rift, if you like MMOs, is a worthy spend at £4.99, Amnesia: The Dark Descent at £3.24 is excellent value for money and Metro 2033 at £3.74 is a decent game too. Already had […]

So, the Vita is officially launched in Japan.

And, it seems Japan in typical style went a bit mad for it. Now, I have to wait a couple months for my PAL Vita, but I have to say from looking at the videos of the interface, Sony have done a bang-up job on the firmware. It looks smooth and polished, but that maybe […]

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