October 25, 2021

KOG Retro Quickie; Yoshi’s Island.

Oh my god it’s still so good.

I said this a few days ago, but it is hitting me like a right hook from Mike Tyson just how good Yoshi’s Island really is. Even without the 3D on the 3DS, it looks so pretty, so clean and so tidy, so brilliant that it amazes me just how timeless it really is.

It’s also, as I found out, a lot harder than I remember. Getting perfect scores on stages is one part exploration to three parts timing – it requires precision jumping, a little forethought and a little bit of luck and skill. It’s surprising just how lax my skills have gotten over the years!

But everything about the Advance version is here – from new animated backdrops to cheeky and quirky sound effects, to a simplified control scheme and a wonderful scaling job. It’s just as good a decade from the GBA release, and better than the release from 16 years ago.

Those who keep knocking Nintendo really should try to play this game – if not via the 3DS Ambassador scheme, then some other way (or buy it when Nintendo puts it on 3DS Virtual Console). It’s a perfect example of why Nintendo keeps re-releasing these games.

Because they don’t need to do anything to them. You can’t improve on perfection like this. But new audiences absolutely should get the opportunity to experience it – although at what price remains to be seen.

If it’s equal to the Links Awakening DX price, it’ll be the bargain of the century for all those not accustomed to it.


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