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The Old Republic Diaries; Day Six.

Taking a day off was a good idea, it gave me some time to get my thoughts together. I’ve spent a bit of time playing some other classes in order to see if I get a better contact from them, and that project is still ongoing. But I’ve really noticed something that’s driving me mad. […]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 A Hit AND A Miss in Japan.

The good news for Square-Enix is that Final Fantasy XIII-2 went straight in at number one in the Japanese sales charts. But that must seem like small comfort when presented with the numbers. In the first four days of the release of Final Fantasy XIII, sales reached 1.5 million. As you’d expect in a country […]

KOG Quickie – PullBlox/Pushmo

Nintendo, whatever you’re drinking, please drink more of it. PullBlox (or Pushmo if you’re American) is a delightful little 3D Puzzler from Nintendo’s internal Intelligent Systems, and it’s a simple concept; you play as the titular Mallo, there are kids trapped in some precarious buildings, you rearrange the playing field in such a way they […]

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