June 30, 2022

Final Fantasy XIII-2 A Hit AND A Miss in Japan.

The good news for Square-Enix is that Final Fantasy XIII-2 went straight in at number one in the Japanese sales charts.

But that must seem like small comfort when presented with the numbers.

In the first four days of the release of Final Fantasy XIII, sales reached 1.5 million. As you’d expect in a country that does love its RPG’s. However, in the same timespan for XIII-2, they sold a paltry 525,271 units.

This is of course still very impressive for a new game; let alone one which carried the baggage of Final Fantasy XIII – and it’s also a lot more units than the number two slot, which was taken up by Monster Hunter Tri for the 3DS, selling just shy of 209,000 units.

But it is a sad state of affairs that the love for Final Fantasy has gone a little – Final Fantasy XIII started it, and XIV Online dug the shallow grave. From what we’ve heard, XIII-2 is a far superior and honed game than XIII, and we should encourage games where the developers try to make it better.

That said, Square-Enix really need to look at some of the licences they’ve picked up over the years… we’re gagging for a return to Terranigma, Vagrant Story and Grandia.

Make it happen Square-Enix.


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