July 2, 2022

KOG Quickie – PullBlox/Pushmo

Nintendo, whatever you’re drinking, please drink more of it.

PullBlox (or Pushmo if you’re American) is a delightful little 3D Puzzler from Nintendo’s internal Intelligent Systems, and it’s a simple concept; you play as the titular Mallo, there are kids trapped in some precarious buildings, you rearrange the playing field in such a way they can be rescued.

It is in this that the game builds on its concept – utilising the 3D for actual effect rather than a garish showing off, and noting jump distances and warning you of falls. This relaxed and friendly style keeps the game surprisingly brisk, and addictive to boot.

Of course, if you make mistakes, you can rewind time for a short period or reset the level – done dynamically, with no loading, so the pace remains sharp. The controls feel very crisp, the visuals charming and childlike, the sound on just the right side of quirky.

This is a 3DS Virtual Store game that has the hallmarks of a classic. It’s a quirky concept that starts off easy and gets progressively harder, it’s a game of a simple concept executed perfectly, it’s a game that delivers but likes you to feel you’ve earned your delivery.

If this is what Miyamoto was talking about when he said he wanted to explore new, smaller game concepts, then on this example, it can only be a good thing!


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