Archive for December 24th, 2011

The Kamis – 5 Best HD/Modern Remakes/Remasters

At a time when it’s all too often that games are stuck in a rut, we look back at games from yesteryear for our inspiration, and sometimes, it turns out they deserve a modern-day remake or remaster. And this year we have seen many of these mysterious beasts, many of these strange and fantastical creatures, […]

The Kami’s – 5 Best Indie/Downloadable Games of 2011

And so, with 2011 drawing to a close and 2012 and the supposed end of the world looming ever closer (not before I get to play Bioshock Infinite I hope!), it is time to kick of the 2011 Kami’s. The rules of this are simple. The games must be available to download by all (so […]

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