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Damn I wish I’d waited on the PR Fails for a couple more days… Ocean Marketting fail.

Damn. Just when I thought GAME were the biggest PR Fail of the year, somehow in the relatively quiet void-zone between Xmas and the New Year, along comes a man like Paul Christoforo to totally blow my mind. And by the way, he really spelled it Marketting. Anyway, here’s a Kotaku Link and a Penny Arcade […]

The Kamis – The 10 Biggest Disappointments of 2011.

I thought about this, and I decided to take a few categories away because some of the worst games of the year were not inherently bad per se, but bitterly disappointing. 2011 may have been a year filled with great games, and bad games, but it was also a year filled with abject disappointment. Games that could […]

The Kami’s 2011 – The Tech Award for Technological Excellence

So, this time I want to celebrate some of the tech that has been making the rounds this year and what it means for us, as gamers and tech-heads, heading into 2012. 3. The 3DS A fitting position, some would argue. But then, others will argue the 3DS release was disappointing. The problem is, the […]

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