October 25, 2021

Damn I wish I’d waited on the PR Fails for a couple more days… Ocean Marketting fail.

Damn. Just when I thought GAME were the biggest PR Fail of the year, somehow in the relatively quiet void-zone between Xmas and the New Year, along comes a man like Paul Christoforo to totally blow my mind.

And by the way, he really spelled it Marketting.

Anyway, here’s a Kotaku Link and a Penny Arcade link.

In a nutshell, guy asks company about a controller order. Companies PR man Mr Christoforo goes all Charlie Sheen. Kotaku reports. Penny Arcade picks up the tab. PR man threatens Penny Arcade – no kidding, he THREATENS PENNY ARCADE. PR Man now renames his company Ocean Stratagy (again, that is how he spells it). Controller company dumps PR Man and his company. Tries to undo damage done by branding all negative reviews as trolls.

Really, truly, I retrospectively name this man the biggest PR Fail of the year. Sorry GAME, but this man is all that is wrong with PR. Totally clueless.

Makes me wonder if he had anything to do with the spectacular meltdown of the Spideman: The Edge of Time Facebook meltdown. Would explain a few things.

Classic, unmitigated PR Fail. And it’s so amusing to boot!


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