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THQ risks being dropped from NASDAQ listings.

MCV have reported that troubled publisher THQ is at risk of being dropped from the NASDAQ share listings. Under the usual rules of these share listings, THQ needs to maintain a share price of above one dollar a share to remain untroubled on the listings; if the share price drops below that for more than […]

Revelations – And then, the electricity bill…

Just throwing this short up. I went to lie down in bed. I’m supposed to be resting after all. I had my 3DS and Resident Evil: Revelations with me, I’d had it charging up. I got about three and a half hours before the warning light told me the thing was running out of juice. […]

KOG Quickie – Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

Welcome back Resident Evil. After the disappointment of Resident Evil 5 – itself a game that took itself a tad too seriously – Revelations is a blend of the new control scheme and the slower, tenser atmosphere that the series had back in its original incarnation. The results are surprising. But not all of Revelations […]

Games Vs Apps – My Take.

Get a grip people. “Oh, Nintendo are being hammered by the Smartphone industry now they can’t keep up it’s all doom and gloom!” is the journalistic angle I’ve heard in my recovery the past couple of days. And it’s a massive load of utter, grade-A ARSE. I have nothing against apps, or Angry Birds, or […]

The New Console Window of Opportunity

I should be resting up. But I’m in some pain so meh, time for a bit of a post. Crystal Dynamics’¬†Global Brand Director Karl Stewart made an odd comment. “When we started developing the game we made a conscious decision that it was all about building the game for a platform and making sure the […]

Away for a few days.

Tomorrow I have to go into hospital for relatively minor surgery. It does mean I’ll be away for a few days however. Despite it being “minor” surgery, I’ll still be going under general¬†anesthetic, and I’ll need a few days to recover from it. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll be happy and well enough to tackle […]

Bye-bye Spambots!

I got so sick and tired of the spambots breaking my comments and generally giving me a headache, I’ve activated a one-time post password system. Everyone who posts will see a one-time password that they can copy into the field below for authentication. This will say “hey, I’m NOT a bot!” in much the same […]

The Changing Faces of Horror Gaming.

I have seen many complaints about Resident Evil 6 already proclaiming it is “too like Resident Evil 5”. Many others still want us to revert back to the style made popular in the PS1 era, of fixed movie-esque camera positions and pre-rendered backdrops. All are saying that Resident Evil is no longer a horror game. […]

MegaUpload – The Good, The Bad, The Dodgy.

So, RIP MegaUpload. As one of the most prominent file-sharing websites on the internet, on Thursday the United States Department of Justice effectively seized and closed down the website and began the task of investigating and confiscating the wide range of goods the business had bought with their money – ranging from works of art […]

Looking at the Resident Evil 6 Trailer.

So, in November we’ll see – arguably – the conclusion of multiple storylines within the Resident Evil universe. The trailer for Resident Evil 6 is a little jumpy and schizophrenic, but at this early stage we can deduce some basic plot details and get a feel for what is going on within some of the […]

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