Archive for January 3rd, 2012

Bethesda vs Interplay Legal Spat – It’s Over!

Source; DAC So, after years of legal wranglings, public slagging matches and generally simmering hatred between the two sides, the very public spat over the Fallout MMO is over. Although no actual details are available over the settlement agreed, it is unlikely to spell the end for Interplay’s long-awaited (and delayed) Fallout MMO. From what […]

Why are there no werewolf games?!

I was arguing with a good friend of mine about the continued rumours of a game based on the Twilight saga. Now, I’ll accept here that I am no fan of Twilight – I know, as a hardened reader of fantasy fiction and a man with a¬†penchant¬†for RPGs, that Twilight isn’t aimed expressly at the […]

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