January 23, 2022

Bethesda vs Interplay Legal Spat – It’s Over!

Source; DAC

So, after years of legal wranglings, public slagging matches and generally simmering hatred between the two sides, the very public spat over the Fallout MMO is over.

Although no actual details are available over the settlement agreed, it is unlikely to spell the end for Interplay’s long-awaited (and delayed) Fallout MMO.

From what I understood, Interplay held the rights before selling part of the franchise to Bethesda. Interplay retained the rights in the documentation to making an MMO based on the Fallout franchise.

Considering that was in legal text, it seemed very hard for Bethesda to argue; but argue they did, and in numerous ways and attempts to undermine the Interplay project too.

Bethesda accused Interplay numerous times of failing to meet deadlines, but when you’re constantly hammering them with legal documents and complaints, you do somewhat make it so they have to divert money from said project to funding retorts to said accusations. Both sides were being childish though, as Interplay often made the more childish remarks considering the circumstances and perhaps shouldn’t have goaded quite so much.

Whatever they have agreed, Bethesda are likely to continue making a few more single-player Fallout games, whilst Interplay will, hopefully, begin to unveil and roadtest the Fallout MMO very soon now the threat of legal action is gone from above their heads.

Will relations improve between the two companies? It’s doubtful. They can’t take back the nasty things they said about each other, after all. That’s now public knowledge and out there on the internet for all to read.

But with them settling the case, they can arguably go back and make their games.

I’m all for legal issues and all, but when the legal spat makes good games take longer, I happen to think both sides need to prioritise a little more…


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