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Games Lawyer Doesn’t Get It; So allow Gamers to speak on Level.

“Games company lawyer”┬áJas Purewal wrote an open letter to those who oppose developers taking legal action against pirates. And, in typical style, the man completely missed the point, as lawyers in such a situation often do. I mean, the man kicks things off with “this is a letter to those folks who oppose developers taking […]

FAO Square-Enix, r.e. Your Old RPGs.

Dear Square-Enix type-person, I hope you don’t mind this little open letter to you but I want to say that I have been a loyal customer of yours for many, many years. And I have played a great many of your RPG titles over the years as well, indeed, I was largely raised on them. […]

PS Vita Sales drop 75% in second week – oops!

via The Telegraph Now, I know it’s a bit early for doom and gloom and yes, sales nosedive after a launch so we can’t wholly expect it to be doubling numbers each week. That would be ridiculous. That said, it’s certainly not what Sony wanted – The Vita, for all its pomp and ceremony, is […]

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