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Thoughtful Discourse; A Week Without Tech.

This is a thought inspired by an experiment I did a few years back, and by the Absolutely Fabulous (groan!) Joanna Lumley. How often do you walk down the road with earphones in? About seven years ago, I did every day. And it was worse than that for me – my rucksack was often filled […]

PS4 and New X-Box to join Wii-U at E3? Sounds good.

via MCV. As is stated, the exciting part of E3 this year will be three brand new machines being shown off at exactly the same time, in the same show, for the industry and media to experience. Now, there’s unlikely to be any actual timeline for a release on the PS4 or the new X-Box, […]

And on a final note – that Steve Jobs doll…

via The Telegraph. Seriously? I’m all for remembering the late Steve Jobs. He did an amazing thing with Apple; but I think Apple are right to challenge the release of this action figure. It’s like when we saw dolls of the late Princess Diana. It’s a little tacky. There are better ways of remembering people […]

Quickie – News for Mr. Pachter and other Nintendo haters.

Nintendo releases machine. Machine stumbles out of the blocks. Gamers and analysts jeer and claim Nintendo are doomed. Nintendo release superb games. People buy games. Nintendo makes lots of money. Nintendo announces new machine. Please copy and paste this and you’ll get an image of the past couple of decades in the gaming industry. GIVE. […]

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