January 26, 2022

Quickie – News for Mr. Pachter and other Nintendo haters.

Nintendo releases machine.
Machine stumbles out of the blocks.
Gamers and analysts jeer and claim Nintendo are doomed.
Nintendo release superb games.
People buy games.
Nintendo makes lots of money.
Nintendo announces new machine.

Please copy and paste this and you’ll get an image of the past couple of decades in the gaming industry.

GIVE. IT. UP. I’m so freaking bored of this running around like your underpants are made of LSD screaming “Doom! Doooooom! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”

This is basic pattern recognition people. This is the sort of thing the military use to train DOGS. You know, those cute fluffy animals we like so much? THEY could spot the pattern in this. That so many otherwise educated human beings cannot speaks volumes for the state of intelligence of gamers, analysts and the gaming press in general who continue to let gamers and analysts spout this stupidity.

Sorry haters. But this is analysis based on the last 20 years and four home console generations (SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii) and four handhelds (Gameboy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS). And if you want me to be even more analytical, Sony have never had a smooth console release. PS1 had problems. PS2’s caught fire. PS3 we all know was a massive PR cockup. PSP had issues. Vita has issues. Microsoft too – the X-Box was known for dying, and the 360 was known for dying with the Red Ring of Death.

This is the industry. Early adopters are the ones who pick up the tab, who spend the money that others don’t want to – those who don’t are those who wait for content they want. For hardware revisions in case of early cock-ups, which we have seen in numerous quantities.

And shock of all horrors, games sell a machine. Dear me, why do we continue to come back to this fact? This is like saying the sky is blue, or that sugar is sweet, or that Engelbert Humperdinck is a silly name. It’s stating an obviousness that again, casts a poor and dim reflection upon the gaming community as a whole.

Those who think Nintendo aren’t worthy of their time – don’t buy their products then. Any of them. Ever. If you believe so much that Nintendo deserve to go down the crapper, then stop supporting them. They don’t sell a hundred million Wii’s by some fluke – they sold them because people wanted them. A concept so many gamers, across the internet on Destructoid, Eurogamer, Kotaku and others, fail to grasp with any conviction.

But the rest of us will continue to watch Nintendo, and other console companies, repeat the same old cycle again and again and again. We’re used to it. We can see it. We roll our eyes, accept it as par for the course and get on with the business of what the games are like to play – regardless of whether it is Halo, Uncharted or Zelda.

A gamer is someone who enjoys games. All games. Across the board, regardless of system, or expenditure. A person that supports one or two machines is a fanboy.

Time to wake up internet people. The world does not revolve around you. You do not have the power to crush a company like Nintendo. There simply are not enough of you. If you had the power, you’d have crushed the Wii oh no wait the exact opposite happened right?

There are millions more like me who enjoy Nintendo games, whilst accepting the company has numerous failings. But then, so does Sony. And Microsoft. And so did Sega. And Atari.

No-one is perfect. It’s time to stop taking things personally. Nintendo aren’t perfect; but they do a damned fine job of making great games and innovating in an industry that all too often gets a hard-on for power and nothing else.

The industry would be a sorry place without it. And besides, who would Sony and Microsoft copy then? Each other?! That’s a thought that doesn’t inspire confidence in the future, that’s for sure…



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