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Breaking The Code of Silence

The BBC did an interesting feature on the state of computer science in the UK’s National Curriculum. It states that there is a growing fear that the curriculum that is set for IT Studies is far more clerical and basic than it should be; it is not teaching the next generation of potential programmers and […]

Amy released this coming week; I’m seeking her!

Amy, a quite interesting Survival Horror game, is due to be released on XBLA and PSN this week in January 11th. In recent years, Survival Horror has been a dwindling market, but with a new Silent Hill, a step back to the classic Resident Evil mechanics for Revelations and the intriguingly titled The Last of […]

A Very Pretty House, with a Very Pretty Door…

I’ve said a few times on this blog that games sell systems. For me, this isn’t a speculative gesture; it’s a belief I hold firm to with every fibre of my being. As someone who does like to look at hardware and software sales, it can be a bit depressing to see some games do […]

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