July 2, 2022

Bye-bye Spambots!

I got so sick and tired of the spambots breaking my comments and generally giving me a headache, I’ve activated a one-time post password system.

Everyone who posts will see a one-time password that they can copy into the field below for authentication. This will say “hey, I’m NOT a bot!” in much the same way Captcha does. Without the squinting. Or guessing if that’s an N or an M squished into oblivion.

Just as a brief explanation, 100+ comments a day, majority of them spambots.

I’m tired of getting spam posts about cheap cigarettes, how I need a lift in the trouser department, that I need to explore other peoples criminal pasts for my own safety or that I might possibly want to buy Uggs, the most hideously awful shoes in the history of the world WHY DO YOU PEOPLE WEAR THESE THINGS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

And most of all, I don’t WANT to spend money advertising. This is a nice, quiet, peaceful corner of the internet. If things take off, woohoo and I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but in the meantime – some of us are still learning the blogging ropes. I’ve never been good jumping in at the deep end…

So bye-bye spambots.

I won’t miss you.


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