June 30, 2022

Final Fantasy X for PS3/Vita is a ReMASTER, not a Remake.

Square-Enix have clarified that the HD version of the popular Final Fantasy X is an HD remastering, not a remake.

When the game was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, it was described oddly as a remake, which upset a lot of people as it had implied that the original game may take new and unwelcome liberties with what is an established, beloved title. But that appears to no longer be the case.

Which is perhaps for the best – the problem with a remake, especially when it is of an old and much loved title, is that it will invariably be different. This is why many didn’t like Final Fantasy X-2, where some of the voice actors were changed (most notably, Wakka) and it didn’t feel the same.

An HD Remastering will keep the game people loved intact, but with slicker HD visuals.

Of course, I hear a lot of people saying this should be happening with Final Fantasy 7, and I sort of agree. But given time, I still believe that a Final Fantasy 7 remake/remaster is an inevitability in the next few years. Let Square-Enix get a few other titles out of the way first, and then we can talk about one of their most important releases ever.

Because some of us are waiting for an HD remaster of Vagrant Story. Come on Square-Enix. I want to give you my money for this. Make it so!


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