July 2, 2022

Aion to go Free to Play

NCSoft’s beleaguered MMO Aion hasn’t been the greatest MMO on the market (especially since I used to play Tabula Rasa a lot!), but today NCSoft have unveiled their 3.0 update, as well as the ability to reach level 40 without paying a subscription fee charge. New areas will be included for those 55+, and there will be bonus experience events for lapsed players.

Whilst this is a great start, I had this to say a while back on Aion;

“Aion is a tremendously pretty and stable example of a game, with a fantastic and undemanding engine, but the game itself is archaic and stuck in past roots that NCSoft seem so unprepared and unwilling to forego… people demand and expect games to reward progression, and Aion’s brutal leveling curve and general tendency to favour grind over actual adventure are perhaps a bit less favoured in the Western world.”

I also added;

“Tabula Rasa at least had an air of urgency and alien wonderment. Once the graphical charms have worn off, Aion is no substitute – it is far too cliche, far too safe and generally just an average experience that doesn’t really sink its claws into you.”

Those willing to give it another shot will not have to wait too long; Aion goes free-to-play in the Spring.

Although I still maintain I’d rather they’d spent the money on improving Tabula Rasa than making a whole new MMO that didn’t have any of the personality of their best game. But maybe that’s just me being picky.


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